SwanOx "Jokes About Rain" (Not Not Fun, 2017)

Descubrí la música de SwanOx por intermedio de Joe Knight, Joe hace paisajismo pop con interferencias analógicas en Rangers (banda de la que ya hemos habládo por aquí) y en este segundo GuestView nos acerca al último disco de su amigo Anthony Boruch-Comstock.

I know SwanOx. When I lived in San Francisco he was one of the first people I met who I connected with. We became close friends, played in a short-lived outfit called Doors U.S. we toured the US when I tagged along with KWJAZ, Sudden Oak and SwanOx (of course). He has a voracious appetite for art in all its forms. As we moved across the country I was dumbfounded at his facility to casually riff on Kurosawa, ZZ Top and obscure Cleveland punk bands I've never heard of. We both felt part of the same kind of weirdo, outsider gang who created and recorded music for the simple pleasure of projecting whatever palette or mood lay in our brains that day(s) (or weeks or months). SwanOx knows about rain, he's from Washington State.

I don't know what to say about "Jokes About Rain". I hate cliches and comparisons and won't use them here. All I can say is that this album is a moving piece of work that's straight from the gut. It's a beautiful and personal affair that makes me smile and wish I could have a beer with him and shoot the shit. I know SwanOx and miss him. If you listen to this, you will know him too, there's no way you couldn't.

-Joe Knight