Pargueland Playlist #7: Bob Desaulniers (Lithics / Psychic Feline / Hornet Leg)

Podémos declarar oficial la semana de Portland, Oregon en este blog. Hablábamos hace poco de ese nuevo stock de hits recopilados en el último disco de Woolen Men y ahora tenémos el placer de recibir esta playlist de parte de Bob Desaulniers, incansable currante de la escena underground de la ciudad verde en bandas como Psychic Feline o más recientemente como parte de ese pepino de electricidad de alta frecuencia que son Lithics.

A disfrutar, aquí lo que nos cuenta Bob sobre su playlist:

"I assembled these tracks with no preconceived theme other than that they all relate somehow to my idea of what Lithics is doing. Some of the bands like Half Japanese and Suicide had a direct influence on our sound, while others like Honey Bucket and Preening are contemporaries and friends who keep us energized and excited about making music. Mostly it is just a collection of songs that I felt like listening to at the time I was sitting down putting this together, a crystallization of the good mood I was in on that particular day. I hope it instills that same feeling in anyone who takes the time to listen".